Monday, February 7, 2011

How do I find clients for my home care business?

I started a non-medical home care, but I find it difficult to ask customers for my services. What is the best way to get elderly clients? Register with They are an Internet-based referral agency for home care companies. They get many requests from relatives who need care at home. They will require a small set up fee to pay about $ 150 and an amount of $ 15 per referral, but you're sure to get customers. The site is Just then tell them that space you need a referral. To create a website, brochures to get even a sticker on your car with the company name and slogan. There are doctors who work strictly with adults and you can see if you can get some advice from different doctors, so the answer is


Jane John-Nwankwo said...

Yes, is very good. Not all the leads work though because some families are just shopping around but you will definitely convert many leads into real clients.

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